Manik Brush Guard & Accessories

Heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel. It's the best material to make a brush guard from, but not everyone uses it. If you have a Manik brush guard, though, you've got cold-rolled steel and more. A Manik brush guard is carefully designed to follow the contours of your front end perfectly. Welds on a Manik brush guard are ground flush and polished to prevent seams, and the finish on a Manik brush guard is show-quality. That's because Manik brush guards are assembled and coated in-house for better quality control than the competition. On your truck or SUV, a Manik grille brush guard is going to give you that extra layer of protection from whatever you may encounter. By utilizing removeable headlight covers, your Manik brush guard can be used without the covers for suburban driving, then you can snap the headlight covers into your Manik brush guard for off-road abuse. And installation of your new Manik brush guard is easy thanks to their precise tolerances and use of existing factory holes. Getting your Manik brush guard is easy and painless too, at least when you buy it from us.