Mahle Car Parts & Accessories

For almost a century, MAHLE has been at the front lines of the automotive industry, playing a decisive role in the development of the various technologies that came together to form the modern automobile. The company ranks among the top three suppliers for cylinder components, piston systems, as well as valve train, air, and liquid management systems-nearly all car manufacturers all over the world are its customers. That's why it's a company that's not only made its mark in the auto industry, but has also developed several specializations with regards to your car's different systems.

For instance, let's take a look at MAHLE filtering technology. The company has its own air filter and oil filter. The air filter's job is to ensure that the air that your car breathes isn't contaminated with any dirt. This makes for a cleaner burn as your engine will be igniting a purer, uncontaminated air-fuel mixture inside its cylinders, giving you a smoother ride. Now the oil filter's job is a little more complicated.

See, as your engine does its job via its various moving metal parts, it creates a lot of self-inflicted physical wear that results into the presence of potentially damaging metal shavings in the engine. The smaller the metal shaving, the more it can get into the nooks and crannies of your engine to cause internal damage. Likewise, the bigger the metal shaving, the more damage it can do to its immediate vicinity. So either way, metal shavings in your engine is bad. Now, as the oil does its job of lubricating the engine, it also has the added job of catching these metal shavings as well as various other contaminants that might be hanging out in the engine. Without a reliable oil filter, you'll need to change oil a lot more often, lest you risk getting sludge circulating in your engine.

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