Magneti Marelli Car Parts & Accessories

On the wild, open road, visibility is key to keep from hitting others and getting hit. Your headlights aren't just there so you can see the road ahead; it's also a way to inform nearby pedestrians and motorists of your car's direction. In fact, all your other lights are there so you can be seen on the road. Why? Because the more people are informed of your car's size, direction, and intent, the more they can avoid any and all collisions with you. Your brake lights, for instance, are there to tell the motorist behind you of your intent to either slow-down or stop, prompting them to react accordingly.

That's where Magneti Marelli technology comes in. It's a company that produces a bevy of products for the automotive industry; but it mostly specializes in lights. Take the company's turn signal light for instance. It's a component with a very simple purpose: to tell the motorists around you of your intent to either turn left or right. While this sounds unimpressive, it's a preventive safety feature that's probably already saved thousands of lives and millions of dollars in repair costs.

But again, that's not all that Magneti Marelli produces. It also has its own fuel filter, a very integral component of your fuel injection system. See, as fuel is pumped from your gas tank towards the engine, it passes through a lot of different components and fuel lines-a necessity for your fuelling system to operate at an optimum and safe condition. This opens up the fuel to the risk of contamination. What the fuel filter does is it ensures that 100% pure fuel is being injected into your engine cylinders-for a cleaner burn and a smoother ride.

So if you're concerned about replacing some of your lights or maybe even your fuel filter soon, look to the brand that's specialized in these parts for years: Magneti Marelli. The company's products are available right here on Parts Train; just browse through our catalog for them and anything else you might need to keep your car in good working condition. Let us give you a warning though: once you see our rock-bottom prices for the top-notch parts we sell, you might not want to shop for car parts anywhere else.