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It's not just your engine that needs constant lubrication. In fact, most of the other systems in your car utilize moving metal parts in order to function properly. Now, understandably, this causes a lot of friction-producing not just excess heat, but also undue physical wear. Take your transmission for instance. Open that system up and you'll see an organized mess of steel upon steel upon steel, spinning and working together to keep your transmission operating at optimum condition. Imagine this system at work and you'll get an idea of how much wear-and-tear that it's susceptible to.

That's where MagneFine technology comes in. See, in the past, auto manufacturers used to put magnets in transmission pans-to better filter the metal shavings that come off of the transmission system through the transmission oil. But this method is only effective in catching the heaviest metal shavings that manage to fall into the pan and into the magnetic field. Today, we know better. The mistakes of the past have taught us well.

What MagneFine has done is create the ultimate filter for your transmission. The filter itself is in-line. That means that all the transmission fluid that's running through the system passes over the powerful magnetic field inside the filter, catching all metallic contaminants whether large or small. Then, a paper membrane protected by aluminum and brass provides secondary filtration for all non-magnetic contaminants such as clutch fibres and dirt. MagneFine even guarantees the removal of 99% of all hard-wearing metal shavings.

The company's own testing has proved that a filter this effective can keep a car running on both fluid and filter for up to 50,000 kilometers. Not bad, right? With that much extension on the life of both your transmission and transmission fluid, how can you go wrong with a MagneFine filter? And despite the top-notch quality of these filters, we here at Parts Train still sell them at the lowest prices you'll find online. Don't believe us? Go ahead and check out our catalog of over a million car parts and accessories. While you're at it, pick out anything else you need to keep your car running well.