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Ross MacKay, the president of MacKay Associates Ltd., is an internationally recognized expert in pump technology. His experience spans across the various pump-related industries in the 33 countries that he's worked in, boasting a wealth of knowledge in seals, pumps, and pumping systems. He's worked with companies like Chesterton, BW/IP, Sulzer, and Weir-thanks in part to his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Stow College in Glasgow, Scotland. With a man like this on the helm, it's no surprise that the company he's heading is on the right track.

While MacKay Associates Ltd. also manufactures hoses for cars, its focus is on "filling the gap" between pump manufacturer and customer-assisting other manufacturers with their own pump technology. It even has its own educational program: the Mackay Pump School; the division of the company that gives in-house courses to other pump manufacturers, courses that are custom tailored to the level of the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants.

Quite simply, the company hopes to reduce the cost of pump and pump-related technology across the planet. Its technicians and engineers are geared towards finding and correcting the root causes of pump-related problems in the automotive and other industries. See, just fixing the symptoms of an issue with any of your car's pumps isn't a long-term fix. It's shabby work like that that has increased maintenance costs for customers and manufacturers alike for years. But this is being turned around. With the work that the company's done, it's saved millions of dollars for tens of thousands of pump users in the last 25 years-most of which stems from its effective educational program.

So if you're in the market for say, a radiator hose, heater hose, or a pump for your car, trust the company whose focus is on lowering your own maintenance costs: MacKay Associates Ltd. Consequently, its products are available right here on Parts Train. Just take a gander at our extensive catalog of over a million car parts, tools, and accessories for anything you need to keep your car in optimum working condition. Just a warning though: once you see our prices, you might not want to shop anywhere else.