MSD Shift Light & Accessories

Warning is a good attribute to any vehicle as it protects your vehicle from any danger and is a great help in ensuring your safety and in the preservation of the value of your vehicle. Warning has lot of uses in your vehicle as it can be used to aware other motorists of your presence on the road. Warning may also be used for information from the different engine components in your vehicle. One of the systems in your vehicle that uses a warning signal is the ignition system through the MSD shift light.

The shift light in your vehicle is necessary to warn the driver that his vehicle has reached the optimum rpm level. It is a lamp that lights up when such level is reached and upon reaching a particular vehicle speed that delivers the optimum BHP as the engine accelerates. Using this light allows the driver to decide when to change gears without the need to view down the tachometer. The MSD shift light has a built-in sensing circuit of the rpm in and will turn on the light when the engine reaches the desired rpm. It features brighter LED lights which can be easily seen even in daylight. This light also gives you the idea that it is properly functioning by turning on for a second or two when the ignition switch is turn on. It can be installed in vehicles with 2, 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. They can be plug in directly to the tachometer output.

Having this light is a great advantage to you as it gives you the idea when to stop accelerating your vehicle. The MSD shift light can be easily yours as it is available here at Parts Train.