MSD Distributor Rotor & Accessories

The MSD distributor rotor is a product of the research conducted by Autotronic Controls Corp. (ACC). The company's work on a new fuel system was almost done when the researchers realized that they needed a new kind of ignition that immediately ignites a lean air and fuel mixture. Upon some trial, they realized that the combination of capacitive discharge and multiple spark discharge not only ignites a lean fuel system but also provides an improvement in an engine's performance. It is now the ignition of choice among top professional race drivers.

A car's distributor is the component directly responsible for the flow of current. It routes the very high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order. This is necessary to start the engine and to provide electricity throughout the system. It is imperative, therefore, that the distributor works flawlessly so that the best vehicle performance is achieved. Any kind or damage or defect means a need for replacement—the only way to preserve the optimal performance of your vehicle and the exhilaration it gives you.

The correct spark timing is essential for your car engine's smooth operation, and for this, you need a distributor rotor. Located on the upper edge of the distributor, it delivers the high voltage of electricity to the distributor cap's towers. This rotor has a metal part connected with the high voltage cable. Without touching, this metal part passes near the output contacts that are connected to the spark plugs thru high tension cables. When you start the ignition, the distributor rotor spins within the distributor, and the current in the ignition coils arcs over the gap to start the engine.

The MSD distributor rotor is able to conduct electricity without any problem because it is designed to have high conductivity inserts. The only problem is that because it handles tremendous voltage levels of electricity, the accumulation of carbon or abrasive debris may render the part faulty. It is important to properly maintain your ignition system, and it is recommended that your distributor rotor is checked for any kind of damage at every tune-up. Meanwhile, depending on the recommendation of the car manufacturer, a replacement is due after every two years. Get an MSD distributor rotor from Parts Train, and see the improvement in your engine immediately. Visit our website now and see the complete line of auto parts and accessories we have.