MSD Distributor Gear & Accessories

When you need ignition parts for your car, you know what brand to trust: MSD Ignition. The company's products pass through stringent quality control procedures. One of those offered in the market today is the MSD distributor gear. As we all know, a distributor gear is a device that interlocks with the camshaft gear to rotate the distributor shaft.

There are two kinds of MSD distributor gear: the iron gear and the bronze gear. The iron distributor gear has a harder layer thickness of RC (Roller Cam) 55-60 than the bronze one. For a smooth contact, its surface is micro polished. It has a Melonite QPQ coating to decrease friction and premature wear. It also has carbide concentration on its narrow spaces to enhance resistance to wear and tear. On the other hand, bronze gears—which are used when running a billet steel roller cams—are not as hard as flat-tappet cams. MSD Ignition offers bronze gears that contain aluminum bronze from AMPCO metals, as well as five percent nickel. When combined, these materials make very strong gear teeth that withstand wear and tear even with high-volume oil pumps.

Performance flat-tappet cams ground on harder cores and that is why MSD Ignition makes sure that all MSD iron distributor gears are harder than stock distributor gears. MSD Ignition does its best to come up with the precise metallic components such as MSD iron distributor gears. Research and tests are done to find how these gears react to heat. MSD Ignition also determines what coatings to use that can create a precise, dependable, and long-lasting distributor gear. If your vehicle's distributor gear is from MSD Ignition, expect that it's an alloy iron gear that has undergone a low-friction coating process. Now that's a great deal for your most precious car!

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