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MSD Ignition is a company that specializes in ignition components such as alternator, ignition coil, distributor, ignition wires and sparkplugs. MSD Ignition can trace its history back in 1970 when the Autotronic Control Corp (ACC) was founded. The company was a research and development company that specialized in the area of lean fuel combustion. It had developed the Electrosonic Fuel Induction system that aided fuel economy of different automobile models, both old and new. As the level of perfection of the new fuel system increased, the fuel and air mixture has increasingly become more lean and difficult for any standard ignition to ignite. To counteract this problem, the ACC engineers began developing a new ignition system. This new ignition system is based on the capacitive discharge technology.

ACC has established its name in the filed of automotive ignition by producing the most popular performance ignition over the years. By combining the high energy spark of the capacitive discharge (CD) and multiple sparks design, ACC developed a very potent ignition system. It has developed the multiple spark discharge system. The MSD system did not only improve the ignition capability of the engine using lean mixture, it also significantly improved the performance of the engine. Because of the MSD system, the engine has lesser emission than normal, it has smoother idle mode, the starting is also improved and the engine has greater power in spite of leaner fuel mixture/air mixture. Over all, the engine is more fuel efficient.

MSD Ignition was created as separate division of the Autotronic Control Corporation to specialize on ignition components. The MSD system is especially beneficial to race cars. It maximizes fuel combustion and increases power without the need for more fuel. Professional racers became aware of the new MSD system. MSD became a buzz word in the racing world. Since then, MSD has been the favorite ignition system of professional racers in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, World of Outlaws, DIRT, SCORE, IDBA and many others. MSD ignition components can be conveniently purchased online. Parts Train is the most credible online store to shop for MSD ignition components. Parts Train offers a wide selection of MSD products.