MK Car Parts & Accessories

If you fill up your body with junk food, your body doesn't get enough nutrients, making you more prone to sickness. The same concept applies to your car. If it's equipped with junk parts, don't be surprised if it doesn't perform well, or if it frequently breaks down. This is why you should only invest in parts made by top brands such as MK. This manufacturer has been in the industry for years, and has proven itself as a quality brand of car brake equipment.

Boasting decades of experience, the company was established by Makoto Kashiyama in 1946. Its name was then Kashiyama Shouten, with the brand starting out as a seller of car parts. More than ten years later, the company's name became Kashiyama Press Industry Corp., which was at that time a manufacturer and seller of auto parts. In 1965, the company began selling brake shoes. One year later, it started selling brake shoes under the "MK" brand, which stands for the founder's initials. The company then underwent many changes and merges but it still stands strong as one of the industry's top provider of high-caliber brake parts such as brake shoes.

The driving forces behind MK's success are its dedication to creativity, excellence, and customer satisfaction. In every product the brand makes, the ever-changing needs of the customers and industry trends are carefully considered. It then uses the latest technologies in designing and manufacturing brake parts, along with its high-tech facilities and equipment. To make sure each product manufactured exceeds industry standards, it undergoes rigorous quality control and testing processes.

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