MBRP Car Parts & Accessories

Are you looking for the ultimate performance exhaust? Look no further, because MBRP pushes the definition of exhaust performance to a whole new level. This exhaust brand has been providing every car performance enthusiast with the best quality power exhaust for nearly two decades now. A diverse line up of performance diesel exhaust products have been conceptualized, designed and put into reality by a group of expert design team. It all started with a vision and an absolute passion for excellent driving—and with that, the MBRP brand was born.

With an MBRP product installed on your car, you can get a definite improvement in horsepower and torque. You can even get as much as 5%-10% improvements in torque and horsepower depending upon the configurations of your vehicle. MBRP is more than just a brand of exhaust system—it is a versatile brand that provides your vehicle with a perfect blend of toughness and style that is way beyond your imagination.

Whether you are a sports truck enthusiast or an average car owner, MBRP has the right exhaust product for you. Some of these include single and dual exhaust systems, 2.5"/3.5"/4" exhaust pipes, exhaust tail pipe, muffler, catalytic converter, MBRP stacks, and exhaust tip among others. All MBRP pipes are gauged out of a 16ga or 14ga tubing. Aside from that, MBRP products are vehicle-specific—that means they have been especially designed to fit the unique configurations of every car make, model or year.

Do not worry, because all the mounting hardware that you need are included in every MBRP kit. It also includes some installation guidelines that can help you out in mounting your exhaust components precisely. They can be installed using simple hand tools, so you do not need any welding or drilling methods to install an MBRP product. So let the beast under your hood roar with more power and performance! And you can only achieve that if you make MBRP the suspension brand of your choice.