Lund Trident Hood Shield & Accessories

For great looking and great valued hood and windshield protection, you will never go wrong with Lund Trident Hood Shield. Getting an edgy look that adds character in the front fascia of your vehicle, it makes a welcome addition that supports your driving applications with stylish and superiorly durable protective extrusions. As a leading authority in hood shield design and manufacture, Trident series features Quad Flow Airflow Vents that accelerate the air flow over the hood and windshield driving away debris and bugs that may block your field vision. Contoured perfectly on the form of your vehicle, you are set within minutes of hassle free installation.

The product is actually a full height and wrap-around designed structural extrusion which deflects air flow or wind forces over the hood and windshield. Its unique design and contour enables you to take advantage of wind forces to let it work in maintaining tire-road surface contact gaining lighter and controlled maneuver under any driving conditions. To address the harshest weather conditions, it is crafted from GE Lexan sheets or polycarbonate constructions that are actually 55% thicker than other shields in the market. With minimum fuss no-drill installation, it stands away from hood to allow easy cleaning and waxing while eliminating the risks of scratching or ruining hood paint.

To readily complement the rigged and all-terrain appeal of your vehicle, Lund Trident Hood Shield comes in smoke or paintable clear shields. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it is guaranteed to match the life efficiency of your vehicle with excellent year-after-year performance. Crafted to withstand chipping, fading, or cracking under normal usage, it works well under any possible weather and climate conditions offering superior hood, windshield, and panel protection that lasts. For a reliable source of premium quality Lund products, sealing your deals on Lund Trident Hood Shield is easy with Parts Train. You can browse through our selections and consult our vehicle fitment listing to get the right fitting hood shields that suits your ride and preferences best.