Lund Stainless Interceptor Hood Shield & Accessories

Talking about greater values and performance for stylish hood and windshield protection is never complete without mentioning Lund Stainless Interceptor Hood Shield. As one of Lund's excellent line of pickup truck or SUV accessories, the product is actually the stainless steel version of Interceptor adapting the similar cutting edge designs for panel protection. Addressing the harshest weather or climate conditions, it is a full height shield that effectively deflects or re-routes wind forces, which may carry debris and bugs, and use it to your driving advantage. Crafted to match the life efficiency of your vehicle, it is backed by a limited product warranty.

As one of Lund's popular steel version of hood shields, Lund Stainless Interceptor Hood Shield is crafted from high grade 304 stainless steel constructions exhibiting excellent corrosion protection that ensures product longevity. It is actually a full height extrusion that deflects wind forces that strikes at your vehicle over the hood and windshield while charging forward to maintain tire-road contact and control while maneuvering under extreme driving conditions. Protecting the front edge and panels of your vehicle, it carries an off-the-hood design to permit easy cleaning and waxing and eliminate the risk of scratching and ruining hood paint.

Offering a great combination of sturdy construction and style, the product simply offers what you crave for. Sprucing up your vehicle with protective add-on has never been easier. Custom fitted for specific vehicle of cab length applications, it requires minimum fuss on installation. It is guaranteed to beat any possible weather conditions and natural elements for it is guaranteed not to chip, fade, or crack under normal usage. Parts Train offers convenient online shopping for premium quality Lund Stainless Interceptor Hood Shield. Simply click on our online catalog to browse through our design and model applications to seal your deals on premium quality Lund products from a trusted and reliable source.