Lund LR2 Series Running Boards & Accessories

As one of the fine products available in the LR2 series line, Lund LR2 Series Running Boards offers great values for excellent fitting step boards. Complementing the appealing form and structure of your pickup truck and SUV, it makes a welcome addition that enhances the safety features of your vehicle. Surely, you need extra 'lift' while accessing your vehicle for loading or climbing in and out and eliminate accidents. Great looks, secure footing, and superior durability are few words to define the edge of having cost effective upgrades to your ride.

LR2 simply stands for 'Lund Look with Rugged Appearance'. Crafted for light truck as well as SUV applications, it aims to complete the look you desire for your vehicle. Because customizing the look of your vehicle is often difficult if things don't match, Lund has come up with LR2 series that simply looks great on your vehicle. Lund LR2 Series Running Board is crafted from ABS molded board with diamond pattern for step tread with aluminum structural support to secure footing and maximum weight support while loading. Its superior strength and durability features could virtually match the life efficiency of your vehicle under normal usage. Though brackets and mounting hardware are sold separately, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Among Lund's 10 styles of Multi-Fit Running Boards, Lund LR2 Series Running Boards fit most trucks and SUVs as it is available in four standards lengths: 54-, 70-, 80-, and 90 inches. Giving your vehicle a unique and distinct look, the product requires Lund EZ Bracket Custom Fit Mounting Kit for maximum strength in support. As a high quality source of all board styles, Parts Train offers convenient online shopping for premium quality Lund LR2 Series Running Boards. Click on our online catalog to locate the right fitting running board that fits your ride best.