Lund Interceptor II Hood Shield & Accessories

Lund Interceptor II Hood Shield is no 'Lund Interceptor Hood Shield' copycat. It features cutting edge design and long lasting construction which upgrades your hood shield applications. Engineered to deliver maximum resistance to daily wear and tear under normal usage against impact, fading, and scratching, it meet and exceeds expectation for great performing and excellent looking shields that takes your pickup truck's or SUV's looks up notch. Offering cost effective hood and windshield protection, it makes an exciting add-on that aids your vehicle in maintaining superior road command while on and off- road driving.

As a durable and stylish extrusion on the front edge of your vehicle, the product is designed to channel or deflect wind forces, which may carry small debris and bugs, over the hood and windshield keeping the part clean and clear. It re-routes the wind forces that strikes back at your vehicle to help maintain tire-road surface contact and full control while managing any possible driving conditions. Its full-height wrap design serves as a solid protection to hood, windshield, and even fenders. Virtually matching the life efficiency of your vehicle, it is crafted from new TriCyclic polymer that comes in new smoke color that ensures superior optical clarity.

As a host for great value an a number of additional benefits, Lund Interceptor II Hood Shield requires hassle free and minutes of installation as all the necessary hardware is included eliminating drilling and modifications for popular applications. Designed to be mounted away from the hood, it makes cleaning and waxing easy in eliminating the risk of paint scratching or ruin. Offering great values for solid protection, Parts Train carries a good selection for Lund Interceptor II Hood Shield. You can consult our vehicle fitment listing available in our online catalog so we can help you locate the right fitting shield to install on your vehicle conveniently easy and fast.