Lund Interceptor Hood Shield & Accessories

As Lund's finest and most popular line of truck and pickup accessory, Lund Interceptor Hood Shield offers great value and great looking shield that addresses all known hassles while driving. Custom fitted for specific vehicle applications, it comes ready to install. The product is designed to channel bugs and debris over the hood and windshield keeping these factors far from ruining your driving experience. The product is simply defined in few words: durable, maximum protection and aerodynamic advantages to address the harshest driving elements while simply looking great on the front spread of your vehicle.

Interceptor hood shields are actually extrusions that serve in rerouting the wind forces, which may also carry debris and bugs, using it to work at your driving advantage. By aiding you to maintain tire contact to road surfaces, it enables you to remain in control and focused while driving. It has a thick polycarbon polymer that is virtually unbreakable under normal use. To match the looks of your vehicle, it comes in smokes or paint-from-behind-clear shields to match the looks of your vehicle. Lund Interceptor Hood Shield requires minimum fuss on installation. It is available in packages which include all the necessary hardware for proper fitment. Custom designed for each application, its off-the-hood design facilitates easy cleaning and waxing eliminating the risks of scratching and ruining the paint.

As a leading authority on the design, manufacture, and marketing of a full line of accessories, Lund has come up with excellent additions to your exterior styling. Aside from the functional features, Lund Interceptor Hood Shield adds character to your exterior styling. Within minutes of installation, you reward your vehicle with effective hood and windshield protection and much better stance on street or off-road applications. Catering to your demands on cost effective and premium quality Lund products, Parts Train carries Lund Interceptor Hood Shields with convenient 24-hour online shopping. Simply click on our online catalog to locate the right design and fitment that suits your vehicle best.