Lunati Rocker Arm Stud Girdle & Accessories

Lunati rocker arm stud girdle is your option among other rocker arm stud girdles that you can typically find on most auto parts stores for the replacement of your original but worn out unit. Typically, a rocker arm is a sort of lever that transmits the motion of the camshaft to open and close the valves. And the stud girdle is a quarter-inch-thick steel plate, which is cut to precisely match the block's mains and pan rails. This rocker arm and stud girdle is used together as one, in order to provide more stable valve train on your vehicle at high RPM.

These rocker arms are generally steel stampings, providing a reasonable balance of cost economy, strength, and weight on your vehicle. Because the rocker arms are part of the reciprocating weight of your engine, excessive mass limits the engine's ability to reach high operating speeds. Truck engines use stronger and stiffer rocker arms made of cast iron or forged carbon steel. Lunati rocker arm stud girdle is designed for serious drivers. This component comes with 2 aluminum girdle bars and poly locks that fit most roller rocker arms which you do not usually found on most rocker arm stud girdle kits. With this component you eliminate high rpm valve train rocker stud and push rod flexing Lunati also offers steel roller tip rockers that are made from heat treated steel and feature a longer slot to eliminate stud bind issues, which also includes nuts and balls.

Rocker arm stud girdle is an important component on your vehicle that whenever you encounter any troubles on this component such as dislodged, it is a must that you replace it at once before it causes more serious troubles on your vehicle's efficient performance. Finding the Lunati rocker arm stud girdle is easy here at Parts Train.