Lunati Car Parts & Accessories

It doesn't really matter whether you want to add up serious amount of power to your vehicle or you just want to add a little larger camshaft for your vehicle. The point of the matter is that, Lunati got you covered for either of these concerns. As early as 1960s, Lunati started custom grinding camshafts and at this time and age, the brand has become known for its high quality forged crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons and rotating assemblies.

Your vehicle's connecting rod is vital in connecting the piston to the crank or crankshaft. Each connecting rod travels up and down twice in its cylinder during a combustion cycle. Considering this, it is a must that you have the most superior connecting rod down under. To further maximize the con rod's strength, con rods these days are usually made of steel for production engines. But for lightness and ability to absorb high impact at the expense of durability, some are made of aluminum or titanium.

Lunati understands that con rod suffers tremendous stress from the reciprocating load represented by the piston, actual stretching and relaxing with every rotation, load increase as well as increasing engine speed. This is the reason why, Lunati con rods are built using superior and advanced technology to ensure long life and serviceability. Basically, con rod failure is among the common causes of catastrophic engine malfunction. Do not fret however because Lunati provides solutions to this problem.

When you purchase Lunati products that are built to work together at peak level, you can experience a big difference within the engine system. You should never ignore the fact that your car's performance partly depends on the engine. A bad engine due to faulty components does not make a car run smoothly. Hence, if you need to replace some engine parts, Parts Train must be your priority online auto parts store. We offer Lunati products such as the crankshaft, con rod, pistons and a lot more. Give us a click and discover more with us.