Luk Car Parts & Accessories

A Luk clutch is fitted on every fourth car that's manufactured off of a production line. That's worldwide. And it's a fact that says that this company is dead serious with being at the forefront of car design and engineering. Its focus as a company is primarily on research and development, employing a team of automotive engineers and scientists headed by one Dr. Peter Pleus-president of Schaeffler Group Automotive (the parent company of Luk), and recent recipient of an honorary professorship from the University of Brasov, an academic community that the company closely works with.

Having nearly 50 years of experience in the car business, Luk has developed quite a wide range of operations spanning the US, China, Korea, France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, the UK, Mexico, and Hungary-producing at 18 sites across these countries. It's such a successful business that their turnover in 2009 came to a total of 1.3 billion Euros-and that's a lot even for a multinational company. But it's not surprising; the company supplies almost 14 million clutches yearly for both tractors and cars. And in that same fiscal year, they can even manufacture nearly 5 million dual-mass flywheels and more than 4 million lock-up clutches-all of which are directly delivered to international automotive manufacturers. And it does all that with just a little over 9,500 employees. How's that for efficiency?

The company's been enjoying such success in the business that recently, it's extended operations even further with the release of its power steering pump. What does this component do exactly? Powered by your car's serpentine belt (which receives torque from the engine), the power steering pump does the job of moving the hydraulic forces that assist you when you're steering your vehicle. It's located under your hood, but it works right under your feet: on your car's steering module. And if it's made by Luk, it's sure to be of high-quality.

So if you're hunting for the best parts and components in the market, look no further than Luk, one of the most successful innovators in the auto industry. If you browse our catalog here on Parts Train, you'll find that we have a variety of their top-notch products on sale-all at rock-bottom prices. Why? Because good quality for reasonable economy is good business: the only way we do business on Parts Train.