Lucas Car Parts & Accessories

Safety is priority. Whether you're an amateur or professional driver, you should be aware of this fact. It's why your car's braking system is one of its most important. However good a driver you are, or however careful on the road you may be, nothing beats a good, sturdy, and properly responsive set of brakes. And if you want the best brakes for your vehicle, check out the ones from Lucas.

This company produces some of the most reliable brake calipers in the world. What are brake calipers anyway? Simple: it's the set of high-friction pads that grip your brake disc as you press your foot on the brake pedal. See, each of your wheels is mounted with a brake disc that rolls along with the wheel as you drive your car. This disc, like the Lucas calipers, also features a high-friction surface. Engaging your brakes means forcing the surfaces together-in effect, using friction to either slow down or stop your car.

But that's not all that Lucas manufactures. The company even produces its own ignition switch and ignition amplifier. The switch is for engaging your car's ignition system; it does its job by opening the current from the battery to your engine's spark plugs. What about the ignition amplifier? It's a conductor that takes low voltage from your car's ECU or electronic control unit. Via the ignition coil, the amplifier revs up this low voltage to a level that the spark plugs can use. Without these components in your car, you wouldn't even be able to startup.

So if you're looking for some quality replacement parts for your brakes or your ignition, look no further than here on Parts Train where we sell a variety of Lucas products. Just look through our catalog for anything else you might need; you'll also notice that despite the high-quality of our products, we also sell at the lowest prices you'll find online. That's because we at Parts Train want you to get the best bang for your buck. Remember: sometimes, safety starts with ensuring that your vehicle is operating at optimum condition, so make sure that you install only the best parts for your car. And why even look elsewhere when you're already on Parts Train?