Lokar Performance Throttle Cable & Accessories

Performance, safety, and high-quality ride-these are the same songs every automobile seems to sing. But if you have a vehicle with more performance-oriented parts and accessories, it surely sings a different tune. Higher-performance rides have greater needs, from premium fuel systems to the finest throttle cable. Pressing on your gas pedal operates the cable to keep the valve open, thus giving you more rpms. This function is heavy-duty, so you need a cable as durable as the Lokar Performance throttle cable!Under normal circumstances, factory throttle cables and throttle cable parts last the life of automobiles. However, different people drive in different conditions, and some conditions cause premature cable damage. If you want more power from your vehicle even after a long time, equipping it with the Lokar Performance throttle cable is the best decision. This is a hi-tech cable durably housed in a Teflon-lined braided stainless inner wire insulation. All its fittings are made from aluminum, ensuring its firm hold on the throttle valve and giving it a professional look.Doing a throttle cable repair and replacement is a bit easy if you get the exact parts you need for your vehicle. The cable from Lokar Performance is designed for a direct fit on your ride and can be mounted in all factory locations. So, you can just take your old cable off and put the new one in place.Partstrain.com offers a Lokar Performance throttle cable for all makes and models. Each is designed for easy installation and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The next time you hit the road, you can feel the difference in the sound and performance of your automobile. Post your orders now so we can deliver the part to your place, fast!