Lokar Performance Car Parts & Accessories

If you want parts from a company that's been at the forefront of innovation and design in the automotive industry for the past two decades, look no further than Lokar Performance. The principle around it is simple: "made in the USA". And today, while our own economy struggles as our own people comes to terms with the influx of foreign influences, the company stands by its principle-because it is American hard work and innovation that built its reputation for honesty, integrity, and class.

Lokar Performance manufactures a bevy of automotive products to choose from. Take the company's competitor series throttle assembly, and the lakester throttle assembly. We can tell you one thing about these products: they're perhaps the most good-looking accelerator pedals you'll see. But it's not just about looks. While the lakester throttle assembly is all about giving your interior the look of a classic hot rod, whether in raw steel, chrome finish, or midnight black, it's construction still features a level of durability that's second to none. And the competitor series throttle assembly isn't one to be outdone that easily. While still managing to look as cool as hell, this assembly boasts a unique internal spanner nut that ensures optimum pedal tension. If you're looking for the best performance throttle assemblies in the market, look no further than Lokar Performance.

What else does the company have to offer? Well, they also make different kinds of shifter knobs and shafts for either your manual or automatic transmission. And when it comes to manufacturing these components, the company prides itself in prioritizing safety. This means that each transmission stick from Lokar Performance is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear. They're even designed to prevent accidental shifting via a series of automatic locks.

So if you want only the best for your car, look only to Lokar Performance-consequently, their products are available right here on Parts Train. With just a few click of the mouse and a few minutes of your time, you'll be able to purchase anything from our extensive catalog of over a million parts, tools, and accessories for your car. And with rock-bottom prices like ours coupled with the guarantee of secure shipping, how can you even go wrong? Make sure your car is fitted with only the best US-made parts in the market. Check out our catalog today.