Lisle Car Parts & Accessories

DIY car repair, while fun at times, is certainly no joke. Ask Lisle. Since 1903, they've been at the forefront of innovating specialty tools for all your DIY needs. And these tools are no joke, either. All of them are professional-grade car repair equipment that'll definitely make the task of DIY car repair a lot easier and simpler. From the company's simple clip remover to its 8 gallon oil lift drain, each Lisle product is designed for professional use-so you can work like a professional from the comfort of your own garage.

Perhaps one of the company's most famous and top-selling products is their creeper. A creeper is basically what you can lie down on when you're working on your car's under-chassis. It's fitted with wheels so you can roll under your car easily, with locks for the wheels so you can comfortably stay in the position you're working with. Having a creeper eliminates the threat of back problems from having to work under your car; obviously, it also makes any under-chassis repair job easier and faster.

Lisle even sells its own tire/tube test tank. You know: the kind of plastic tank you see at auto-repair and vulcanizing shops to test for any leaks on tires and tubes. Yes, you too can now have one of those at home. With this tank, you won't have to rely on the pros to test for leaks, saving you not just the money for the checking and repairs, but also the time and effort it takes for you to get to the repair shop and back.

So if you're ready to take charge of your car's issues, look no further than the company who's been specializing in tools and accessories that's made and is making DIY car repair faster and easier: Lisle. If you look at our catalog here on Parts Train, you'll find everything that the company has to offer, as well as anything else you might need to keep your car running at optimum condition. Just browse through our catalog and trust us: once you see our offers and prices, you won't want to shop for car parts or tools anywhere else.