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Say you were given a chance to ride an old Renaissance-style wagon, and then you were asked to compare the experience to riding a modern car. What would be the first thing you'd notice? No, it probably wouldn't be the fact that the modern car doesn't have to be drawn by a horse in order to run. It probably wouldn't even be the fact that you can't steer a renaissance wagon as well as a modern car. The first thing you'll notice is the literal ass-ache that comes with riding an old wagon. See, back then, they didn't have the modern systems that we sometimes take for granted: like the shock absorbing action of the springs manufactured by Lesjofors.

To understand more about these springs, let's take a quick look at vehicular suspension. Your car's frame provides the load-bearing property of suspension, evenly distributing weight around your vehicle for optimum performance. The frame is connected to your wheels via what's called control arms, which also connect the wheels to the steering system. In the middle of it all is what Lesjofors specializes in: shock absorbing tech.

See, your shocks are actually made from two main parts: the spring and the hydraulic dampener/shock absorber itself. The impacts you experience on the road are caught by the springs, taking the force and bouncing it up and down until it dissipates. Then why aren't cars always bouncing on the road? That's because each bounce of the spring is countered by the shock absorber inside it. These two components work together so your bum doesn't have to suffer the bumps on the road.

So if you feel that your shocks and suspension aren't doing the job they're supposed to, look no further than the company who specializes in this technology: Lesjofors. If you'd take a moment to browse our extensive catalog here on Parts Train, you'll find a lot of Lesjofors components you can use to keep your suspension system in check. You'll also find that we offer these high-quality components at the lowest possible prices online. Why? Because high-quality for reasonable economy is just good business, and that's the only way we do business here on Parts Train.