Lemfoerder Car Parts & Accessories

If you don't already know it: Safety should be the number one concern between amateur and professional car owners alike. But that safety comes at a price. No we're not talking about your side marker safety lights, your cabin's airbags, or even your brakes. We're talking about how safety goes hand-in-hand with your handling and steering system. Most of the action in these systems takes place under your vehicle-a place wherein Lemfoerder parts and technology can shine.

How? Well, take the company's control arm for instance. To fully get what this component is all about, let's take a quick look at your steering system. From the moment your hand moves the steering wheel, a series of hydraulic and physical connections work together to simultaneously translate your hand movement into front wheel movement. Follow the action from the steering wheel down to the shaft and you'll come upon the steering box and corresponding steering linkage, the rod that holds the entire steering system together.

At both ends of this linkage are the control arms manufactured by Lemfoerder. See, there are actually two types of control arms: the upper and lower. The upper arm connects the wheel to the steering link and the shocks; the lower arm secures the wheel on the car's frame. However small these arms may be, they provide the very integral link between the steering system, handling system, and the wheels-ensuring stability and proper steering response.

Remember: safety is top priority, and both steering and handling go hand-in-hand with safety. So if your car is suffering from some issues concerning its steering or suspension system, look only to Lemfoerder for the best possible replacement parts. Here on Parts Train, the company's different under-chassis components can be found on our diverse catalog of over a million parts, accessories and components. Go ahead and check our catalog out; once you see our rock-bottom prices, you might not want to shop anywhere else. And if you're worried about the shipping, don't; we can guarantee that whatever you order from us will come straight to your door, safe and intact.