Lebra Tonneau Cover & Accessories

If you own a pickup truck and you need some kind of protection for your cargo at the back of your truck, an indispensable tonneau cover Like the Lebra tonneau cover is your best option in keeping your delicate or heavy load behind your truck. In general, tonneau covers are used to literally cover the beds or load compartment of your pickup truck while providing a rigid lid that can be locked into place. It is also one of the practical add-ons that you can install on your vehicle in order to secure your cargo area and for keeping your truck bed free from any unwanted elements such as leaves, weather-wear, and debris.

Generally, tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and designs. Some of tonneau covers can be installed without any drilling by using clamp-on systems which also allows for easy removal. There are also simple models which provide only basic security and protect the bed, but are less flexible in design. In order to gain wide access to the bed, the cover still need to be removed.

While there are also some other tonneau covers are designed to be raised from the back, much like your engine hood. This design allows greater access to the bed and also the ability to carry longer cargo over a closed tailgate. Four-way tonneau covers design can be raised front or either side of the cover allowing more convenience. There are also two and four-panel covers that are sectional rather than solid for a different type of accessibility.

These are just some of the many styles and designs of tonneau covers. So, it is up to you what design and style you may want for you vehicle. Here at Parts Train, you can be able to find top of the line tonneau covers like the Lebra tonneau covers on our online catalog.