Lebra Hood Protector & Accessories

Having a hood protector like the Lebra hood protector is exceptional because Lebra is a well known maker of quality covers for any type of vehicle, whether for automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, watercraft, and even snowmobiles. Lebra is famous for its quality in full front-end protection that is perfect for all weather conditions, particularly its hood protector.

A hood protector is essential to every vehicle, especially if you want to protect your vehicle's front façade. This is because the front portion of your vehicle, particularly the area between the hood break and the grille, are the area that is most vulnerable from damage when you are traveling. These areas are constantly hit with flying insects, kicked up gravel, road salt, and other harmful debris. It is also the first area to start showing signs of wear like small scratches, dings, and chips. However, with the use of hood protector you can protect your vehicle from all of these damages while boosting its looks.

Hood protector like Lebra hood protector is made of durable grain vinyl that is microperforated that can stand damaging impacts without ripping, tearing, or scratching. The inner liner on this protector is soft enough to rub against your paint without leaving behind damage. This hood protector is also very easy to install. Its complete installation process can be done in less than ten minutes without any tools or drilling process, as well as modifications on your vehicle.

If you want to install a hood protector such as the Lebra hood protector on your vehicle, here at the Parts Train, you can be able to select from our vast collection of different hood protectors for almost all vehicle makes and models. On top of these, we also cater the complete line of auto needs.