Lebra Fender Flares & Accessories

Lebra fender flares are one of the most practical and economical accessories or add-ons you can install on your vehicle. It offers an easy, attractive solution to the problem of covering up those wide wheels. Yes, it is specifically intended for those vehicles with wider wheels. If you have big wheels, the more important these fender flares to be on your wheels. It is because the bigger your tires are, the greater is the force that will throw off debris on the sides of your vehicle. Aside from their practical use, fender flares can also add style to your vehicles. They can impose aggressive off road look. Whether your vehicle is a sports car, an SUV, a pick-up, or a big truck, you can find a match of this protective accessory.

Fender flares are elevated part that are attached onto the side portion of your vehicle surrounding the whole part of its wheel wells. They are used to protect your vehicle body from all unwanted mud, grimes, stones, and other road elements that may bring irritating stains on it.

Fender flares of Lebra are made from durable polymer materials that can handle even hits from flinging rocks or stones by your tires. These fender flares are very easy to install, it requires no drilling in most cases, which means that you can have them bolted up and in only an hour or two, your vehicle will look great and noticeable on the road.

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