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Whether you're a pro or amateur car owner, safety should be your number one priority. Let us remember that the roads we traverse on are mostly public roads used by speedsters, SUVs, but also by children. Now, we're not talking about seat belts, air bags, or even brakes. We're talking about the way you drive. See sometimes, safety is all just a matter of having good handling and steering-better control of your vehicle. The better your steering is, the easier it is will be to avoid any and all obstacles on the road, be they human or otherwise.

That's where Latoka steering technology comes in. For years, the company has provided the auto industry with the most reliable parts for your car's steering system: parts like its tie rod end, or its ball joint. What are these parts for and how do they work? To answer that, we'll have to take a quick look at the entire steering system:

The moment you turn your steering wheel, a complex mess of mechanical and hydraulic connections work together in order to turn your hand movement into the simultaneous response of your front wheels. You won't find Latoka parts near the steering wheel, no. They're located even closer to the wheel. Take the ball joint for instance. This part allows your steering linkage to move the front wheels freely and steadily. It's located in the middle of the steering rack itself and the wheel, allowing for free movement while also absorbing the strain and weight of left and right wheel motion. There's also the tie rod ends from Latoka. These ends are what mount your steering system to the wheels. Without them, you won't even be able to steer your car.

So if you're having problems with your steering, maybe it's time to look for some top-notch replacement parts from a company you can trust with steering technology: Latoka. While you're here on Parts Train, feel free to browse through our catalog for any of the company's parts that you might need. You'll find that despite their high-quality, we sell all the parts at the lowest possible prices. And with our guarantee of secure shipping, why even look anywhere else than on Parts Train?