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Just like the human body, your car relies heavily on different liquids. Like our need for blood, the engine needs oil. Like our skin needs to be cooled by our own sweat, the engine needs coolant and water to prevent overheating. If the liquids that are running through our body stop moving to perform their job, we'll eventually die. The same goes for your engine. That's why Laso is an essential company to the auto industry. They specialize in creating pump technology, allowing the free-flow of much-needed liquids throughout your engine.

What kind of pump technology? Well, take the Laso water pump for instance. This pump's job is to facilitate the movement of coolant and water from the engine to the radiator and back. See, in order to control the excess heat that emanates from your engine, a solution of water and coolant is circulated throughout the engine block and cylinders. The solution snakes around the engine via the different cooling pathways that riddle the engine block. Once the solution has absorbed its share of excess heat, it's off to the radiator for re-cooling. After that, it'll be sent back to the engine to do its job again. And none of it all would be possible without a reliable water pump.

Now, let's take a look at the Laso oil pump. Just like the water pump facilitates the movement of water and coolant, so does the oil pump facilitate the movement of lubricating engine oil. See, the internal-combustion engine is a mess of moving metal parts. Given the level of friction and heat that the engine is working with, its natural tendency is to tear itself apart. But that's not going to happen if you're running on a reliable lubricating system-at the heart of which is the oil pump.

So if you need to replace an old water or oil pump, look no further than the company who's made its name in specializing in pump technology: Laso. Here at Parts Train, we can offer you the company's pumps as well as a bevy of its other products; just check out our extensive catalog of over a million parts and accessories. And since you're there, check out the prices too; you'll notice that you're looking at the lowest prices you'll ever find online. Quality for reasonable economy: that's the Parts Train guarantee. Why even shop anywhere else?