Lakewood U-Joint & Accessories

For a racing enthusiast like you, nothing's better than tearing it up on the racetrack. But for that to happen, you need to ensure that all the parts of your vehicle are working in optimum condition. Take the U Joint, for example. This part is crucial as it transmits rotary motion to generate enough driving power. Now if you want the best for your drivetrain component, you shouldn't just settle for those sub par aftermarket U Joints that aren't built to last. What you need is the real deal—the Lakewood U Joint.

The Lakewood U Joint has caps and a cross made from sturdy chrome-nickel-moly alloy to better resist fatigue. The cross body itself is forged for added strength. Its needle bearings are heat-treated and are made from special high carbon steel materials that ensure maximum heat and wear resistance. With this ultra-durable construction, you can be sure that these U Joints will hold up to your high performance automobile.

But there's more to the Lakewood U Joint aside from its material durability. For one, this U Joint is sized and shaped according to different vehicles' specifications, so you can be sure that there's a unit that would exactly fit your vehicle. Plus, installation is also easy since no drilling and machining work is needed. To top it off, this product is manufactured by Lakewood Industries, one of the most trusted brands when it comes to performance and suspension parts. For over three decades, this company has been producing topnotch products suited for performance automobiles. Unlike with other brands, you can trust Lakewood with your hard-earned cash.

Another great thing is, Parts Train has this product for you at a price that won't break the bank. To order this U Joint, simply browse our online catalog. Indicate your vehicle make, model, and year to see the specific U joint for your auto. As a true-blue performance enthusiast, you should know what parts work and what doesn't. You should know the Lakewood U Joint is the real deal. So hurry up a get one today. Get it from Parts Train.