Lakewood Traction Bar & Accessories

"Get a grip!" That's what you normally hear when you need to cool your temper and take it easy. Everybody needs to get a grip every now and then—including your vehicle. Your tires, in particular, need to literally have a solid grip on the road. To achieve this, there are traction control components to do the job. For your vehicle's traction system to work best, it needs a traction bar to prevent spring windup during acceleration. This part improves your wheel's braking force at high speeds. Sadly, stock traction bars are unable to provide the stability and performance you need. If you want the best traction and a better grip on the pavement, the Lakewood Traction Bar is what's right for you.

The Lakewood Traction Bar is crafted from high-grade steel tubing with black powder-coated finish for an attractive appearance and extreme corrosion resistance. It's designed to pre-load the front suspension by utilizing the torque on the axle to help lift the chassis and prevent flexing. When it comes to traction control, you won't get shortchanged with this traction bar because it allows the front tires to remain firmly planted on the road even during slippery situations. Too, this traction bar eliminates wheel hop and maximizes traction potential during launch.

Aside from immensely improving your vehicle's traction control, the Lakewood Traction Bar also resists stone chips and all other filth that your car accumulates from the road. When it comes to this item's installation, you have nothing to worry about. This traction bar is engineered for an easy bolt-on installation with no welding required. Is it street-legal? Definitely! But this bar is also effective in the drag strip. So whether your vehicle is geared for the highway or for the track, this traction bar is sure to be a right fit for your ride.

The Lakewood Traction Bar, as well as other Lakewood suspension components, are easily available at a store where online shopping is made easy and budget-friendly—Parts Train. We offer these products at a price that won't have you shelling out huge bucks. To order this traction bar, just browse our online catalog. After that, all you need to do is find the one that matches your vehicle's specs. With the Lakewood Traction Bar, your ride will surely have a strong grip on the road. So get a grip! Get the traction bar from Lakewood today!