Lakewood Struts & Accessories

The Lakewood struts are just the same with the other struts that are a part of every suspension system that have the responsibility of maintaining the stability of the movements of your vehicle, especially when it has to go through bumpy rides that can cause distress, uneasiness, and discomfort on your ride, as well as an easy wear and tear for your auto parts making up the chassis.

As one of the vital components of your suspension system, struts are typically made up of lower clamp, upper pivot, shock absorber unit, and coil springs. Its lower clamp holds the component and the spindle in place. The rest of the parts start moving when steering is applied. Most front-wheel drive cars have some kind of strut suspension. The strut is a special type of shock absorber that helps to minimize the motion of the suspension. The coil spring surrounds the strut assembly. Struts and shock absorbers work in very similar ways. However, struts' function as a structural part of the suspension system also affects factors like wheel alignment, vehicle control, and suspension wear.

In general, all struts including the Lakewood struts have three general types of components, these includes inner plate, center sleeve, and spacer bushing designs. All have common and the same function and that is to provide stability on your vehicle movement, but differs depends on the features and positions of the included parts. Most commonly used strut assemblies nowadays are the MacPherson struts. These are the type of struts that has a design which is made up of few affordable components that take little space on your vehicle's compartment.

For those who are in need of struts replacement, Lakewood struts are a must for a choice. You can easily find these from the Parts Train's complete line of top brands auto parts and accessories of all makes and models.