Lakewood Strut Assembly & Accessories

Imagine your car without a suspension system. It would feel a lot like you're riding on a horse carriage or a chariot. And trust us when you say, you don't want that. Now, you can breathe easily knowing that your car has a suspension system. But to guarantee its performance, it's important to ensure that your suspension system and all its components are in tiptop shape, most especially the strut assembly. The strut helps control how fast the suspensions are allowed to move. It maintains a controlled rate of energy release, which keeps the spring from pulling out. If you want to achieve all these functions and more from your struts, you shouldn't settle for the average. What you need is the Lakewood Strut Assembly.

The Lakewood Strut Assembly is made from heavy-duty steel materials for maximum strength and durability. Its main function is to provide the correct weight transfer during the initial launch, which brings the front-end down quickly for better aerodynamics and maximum traction. So whenever you accelerate, you can rest assured that the suspension will maintain stability whenever you drive through bumps and maneuver through turns. With its speed-sensitive valves, you can have better control of your vehicle. With this strut assembly, you can accelerate at a high speed and suddenly press down the brakes without worrying about nose diving and instability. This product comes from a leading suspension parts manufacturer: Lakewood.

When it comes to topnotch suspension components, Lakewood is a brand you can definitely trust. Just like the Lakewood Strut Assembly, all its products are carefully tested to meet the industry's highest standards of quality. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is geared for the street or the racetrack; these products work well for both applications.

You can't just buy this innovative strut assembly at your neighborhood auto shop. Lakewood exclusively distributes this excellent product to selected dealers and retailers. Luckily for you, Parts Train is a licensed Lakewood distributor and has this product for you at a price that's not hard on the wallet. To order one, simply browse through our online catalog. Indicate your vehicle make, model, and year to access our complete collection of Lakewood products, including the Lakewood Strut Assembly. It's time to stop riding on horse carriages and chariots! Get the Lakewood Strut Assembly now!