Lakewood Spring U Bolt & Accessories

Who wants a busted suspension system? Nobody, of course! Not only because you'll experience an uncomfortable ride, but you'll also get headaches from the repair expenses it can cause. Since you don't want them to happen, you need to make sure that all suspension components are mounted and secured in their proper places. Take the leaf springs, for example. Since these springs undergo a lot of bending, they need to be well secured to the frame. For that, you need a spring U bolt to do the job. For maximum support, you shouldn't just settle for sub par aftermarket U bolts. What you should get is a Lakewood Spring U Bolt.

The Lakewood Spring U Bolt is made from high-quality, zinc-plated steel so rust won't be an issue. With this sturdy construction, you can be sure that this spring leaf won't overbend and will be firmly mounted to its frame. In addition, this replacement spring U bolt comes with a couple of U bolt nuts and washers. With these add-ons, you won't have to buy any mounting hardware to install this product.

Lakewood is the brand you can definitely trust when it comes to topnotch suspension products like this spring U bolt. All Lakewood products are designed to meet and even surpass your expectations. Why? Before mass release, Lakewood products undergo the toughest quality and durability tests; not to mention these products are designed using the latest manufacturing technology. Even the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) can attest to the quality of Lakewood products. So how can you go wrong with that?

Now why scamper to other online stores when you can easily get this product from Parts Train? Here, the Lakewood Spring U Bolt is available at a price that won't hurt your wallet. To order this spring U Bolt, simply browse our easy-to-use online catalog. Indicate your vehicle make, model, and year to access our complete collection. So don't even think of waiting! You don't want a busted suspension system right? Then make sure your leaf springs are secured with the Lakewood Spring U Bolt. Get this product today!