Lakewood Shock Absorber & Accessories

Since we're now living in the 21st century, we're fortunate enough to experience all the comforts of driving. Gone are the days where cars still rode on carriage springs. But what if your automobile moves like a horse carriage whenever you hit rough road surfaces? If that's the case, then there's probably a big problem with your vehicle's shock absorbers. As a vehicle owner, you know very well that there's no room for faulty shock absorbers. Thankfully, Lakewood has something to boost your vehicle's suspension system. Check out the Lakewood Shock Absorber.

Extensive automotive experience coupled with the latest drag shock technology is what the Lakewood Shock Absorber is all about. To avoid poor aerodynamics and achieve better traction, this shock provides excellent weight transfer on initial launch to quickly bring down the front end. It comes with top mount-stem and bottom mount-eye ring with a bar pin for better stability. Also included are polyurethane bushings, chrome-plated piston rod, rubber travel indicator, and anti-foaming fluid.

The Lakewood Shock Absorber also works best on vehicles that require maximum rear wheel traction, making it perfect for vehicles that are geared for speed and power. But while this shock is ideal for vehicles that are made for the race track, it's also effective on cars that are built for the street. In addition, the Lakewood Shock Absorber has a longer extension length compared to stock ones. Not to mention, it also eliminates wheel-hop and over-reaction from your wheels. With all these add-ons, you can be sure that this shock absorber has superior strength and performance that will give you better control and maximum traction in your vehicle.

This innovative shock absorber is easily available at the store where online shopping is easy and affordable—Parts Train. Our site gives you a 24-hour access to a wide range of Lakewood Shock Absorbers and other Lakewood suspension products. To order one, simply browse through our user-friendly online catalog and add to cart the product of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Get the Lakewood Shock Absorber today! After all, you're no longer living in the Jurassic past.