Lakewood Release Bearing Fork & Accessories

In basketball, each team needs a clutch player, the one who isn't afraid to take the last shot with the game on the line. Just like the clutch player, your ride's clutch should never let you down. And, in order to do that, you have to complement your clutch with a Lakewood Release Bearing Fork. You should install this product if you want seamless movement of the bearing into the clutch pressure plate. Without a doubt, this is the last clutch fork that you'll ever need to buy for your ride.

The Lakewood Release Bearing Fork is made from heavy-duty gauge steel that is 0.165 inches in diameter, ensuring that this fork will not flex or bend. Aside from that, it withstands corrosion because of its technologically advanced zinc dichromate finish. Undeniably, this is what you need if you're thinking about enhancing your ride's drivetrain. With this release bearing fork's durability and reliability, you'll no longer have to worry about experiencing clutch failure. It's also very easy to install, allowing you to get the proper clearance and pedal pressure without much trouble.

The Lakewood Release Bearing Fork is just one of the many products from Lakewood. The company has been producing some of the finest automotive equipment for years, and this is made possible by a commitment to perfection and high quality. The company uses the best technology available, while subjecting its products to various quality tests before launching them to the market. But the real driving force for Lakewood is its well-trained professionals who work double time to maintain its status as one of the most trusted brands in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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