Lakewood Pilot Bearing & Accessories

Nothing feels better than hitting the road in high speeds. There's just something about stepping into the gas pedal a little harder and passing by other vehicles that gives you a satisfying feeling. Then again, you can't just tear it up if you hear a rattling sound whenever you shift gears. If this problem persists, then that's a sign of a worn out pilot bearing. This small bearing carries the forward end of the transmission input shaft. It provides a low friction support, enabling you to change gears with no hassle. Busted pilot bearings make shifting a lot harder and increase clutch wear. Since you don't want that to happen, it is advisable to junk that old pilot bearing and replace it with a Lakewood Pilot Bearing.

The Lakewood Pilot Bearing is the perfect remedy to your clutch problems. It's crafted from heavy-duty materials that are made to keep up with all the stressful movements of your transmission system. This pilot bearing also reduces the parasitic drag in your clutch; thus, giving you better control while your shift gears. Since you don't have to worry about your clutch problems, then you can just now focus on hitting the road in high speeds.

When it comes to manufacturing high-grade parts like this pilot bearing tool, no company does it better than Lakewood Industries. For over 30 years now, Lakewood has been in the business of safety and suspension parts for cars. All its products, like the Lakewood Pilot Bearing, undergo rigorous product tests to pass the industry's highest standards for quality and reliability. With every Lakewood product, you can be sure you're getting a boost in your vehicle's operation.

Since this isn't your typical pilot bearing, don't expect to see this in over-the-counter auto shops. But thankfully, you don't have to because Parts Train has this part for you at a budget-friendly price. To order the Lakewood Pilot Bearing and other Lakewood products, simply browse through our easy-to-use online catalog and place your orders there. With the help of the Lakewood Pilot Bearing, shifting gears can be done without any hassle. Now it's just you and the road, feel free to tear it up.