Lakewood Panhard Rods & Accessories

When it comes to your high-performance automobile, nothing's better than taking it on a speedy drive on the strip or the highway. But, of course, you don't want a thrilling ride to end up a disaster. High-speed driving is cool, just as long as your vehicle and its suspensions can hold up and keep you in control. To achieve this, you need a sturdy panhard rod to put your vehicle's rear end in its proper place. A pan rod locates your axle under the chassis for an improved traction and handling. If you're looking for panhard rods that can do that and more, you don't have to look far; Lakewood has something to boost your car's suspension system. Check out the Lakewood Panhard Rods!

The Lakewood Panhard Rods are manufactured from thick-wall steel tubing. This sturdy construction prevents flex and bending during acceleration. They're also carefully engineered to keep your car's rear end aligned even during extreme cornering conditions. For added durability and stability, these panhard rods come with sturdy polyurethane bushing and steel sleeves. These add-ons allow maximum suspension travel without having to worry about bushing bind and deflection. For altered ride heights, you can still achieve superior traction and handling because these rods compensate by adjusting the ride height whenever you drive through rough road surfaces.

Worried about vehicle fit? Don't be. The Lakewood Panhard Rods are designed in various specifications, so you can be sure that there's a unit that will fit your automobile. Some panhard rods are hard to use since they're not well-lubricated. But that won't be a problem if you have these panhard rods, which come with grease fittings for easy lubrication. Not to mention, these adjustable panhard rods also help in maintaining the dial-in ride height and wheel clearance of your vehicle. Truly, a complete package!

Having a hard time finding these panhard rods in your local auto shop or in over-the-counter stores? Fortunately, Parts Train showcases this product for you at an affordable price. To order, simply browse through our online catalog, then indicate your vehicle, make, model, and year to access our complete collection of quality panhard rods and other Lakewood products. So hurry up! Zoom at high speeds without worrying about going out of control. Get the Lakewood Panhard Rods today!