Lakewood K Member Brace & Accessories

You don't have to be a hardcore auto enthusiast to know that your automobile's main systems are dependent on various supporting parts that ensure their proper function. The suspension system is no exception. Its control arm needs a support brace for better stability and handling. To achieve this, a K member brace is needed. A K member is a cross member that's bolted across the frame of the vehicle to keep the front suspension firmly planted. Stock K members might not provide the support that your suspensions need, but if you have a Lakewood K Member Brace installed, there's nothing to worry about.

The Lakewood K Member Brace is made from high-grade steel tubing with thick laser-cut brackets. Its solid firewall reinforcement and solid mounting keep your front suspension steadily primed. This sturdy construction is perfect for high-performance vehicles. In addition, this K member brace is also engineered to prevent the control arm from spreading and flexing. This improves your vehicle's steering control and provides better alignment, cornering power, and road control. With this K member brace to help you out, making turns can be done with no hassle.

For over 30 years and running, Lakewood Industries has been providing topnotch safety and suspension auto products. Every Lakewood product, like the Lakewood K Member Brace, undergoes meticulous product testing to satisfy the highest quality standards. So whether you're looking for replacements, upgrades, or any other enhancement parts, it's guaranteed you won't go wrong with a Lakewood.

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