Lakewood Engine To Trans Adapter & Accessories

So you have a new high-performance engine? Well, don't drive off just yet. You still need to take care of a few more details before hitting the road. See, whenever you install a new engine, your transmission system needs to be adjusted to the modified horsepower and torque levels. Compatibility is the key here, and this is where an engine to trans adapter comes in handy. Without this component, your newly installed engine will be good for nothing. So if you want your transmission system to be properly adjusted to your new performance engine, get the Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter.

In terms of durability, you can't go wrong with the Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter. It is made from .25" thick hydro-formed steel for superior strength and durability. Compared to an aluminum bellhousing, this engine to trans adapter is a lot sturdier. Not to mention, this part allows you to easily weld brackets for engine swaps. This feature makes installation a lot easier and more affordable since you don't have to spend huge bucks on different mounting tools.

Aside from its ultra-sturdy construction, there's more in store if you have the Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter in your possession. It gives you compatibility that guarantees performance. When you upgrade your engine, your horsepower and torque levels are raised. That's why you need to make sure that your transmission system will keep in-step with your new power levels. This compatibility can easily be attained if you install your new engine with the Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter. And you don't have to worry about finding one that matches your vehicle perfectly because the Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter is available in various sizes and specs so you can be sure that there's a unit that would fit.

Since this is not your typical engine to trans adapter, don't expect to find this in market retailers and other over-the-counter shops. But don't worry because Parts Train has this product at an affordable price. To order, simply key-in your car's make, model, and year on our interface. After that, you can browse our website to find a compatible Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter for your new engine. Before you try out your new engine, make sure you don't leave your transmission system behind by getting a new Lakewood Engine to Trans Adapter from Parts Train today.