Lakewood Engine Mount & Accessories

When your engine starts to rock, one of your vehicle's parts that take most of the beating is the engine itself. Good thing there are engine mounts to secure and keep it in position. The engine mount acts as a shock absorber as it isolates the vibration from the chassis and prevents it from being transferred throughout the engine. But just like all other components, the engine mount can break down due to prolonged use. When that happens, have it replaced right away. For the best replacement, get the Lakewood Engine Mount.

Busted engine mounts are usually indicated by a clunking sound during acceleration, deceleration, and idling. Good thing we have a great replacement available. The Lakewood Engine Mount offers the advantage of a more durable construction, which lessens noise and vibration more than the other mounts. This engine mount features heavy gauge steel frames and engine brackets, which are vulcanized to a hard durometer rubber for maximum strength and toughness. It also comes with a safety interlock design, eliminating the need for torque straps and cables to securely mount the engine with. With all this engine mount's features, you can be sure to have a strong mount without having to spend much.

But then excellent quality and affordability are just what you get from Lakewood Industries products. Lakewood Industries is the company you can count on when it comes to topnotch auto safety and performance products. Like the Lakewood Engine Mount, all Lakewood products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. So whether you're looking for a high-grade shock absorber or a heavy-duty engine mount, Lakewood is the brand for you.

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