Lakewood Engine Lift Plate & Accessories

If you think moving and replacing your V-type internal combustion engine is an easy task, then you must be bonkers! Or, you probably forgot that your engine weighs about a third of a ton. That means even with the help of all your drinking buddies, chances are, you probably won't be able to lift it properly. Good thing Lakewood has something to help you lift that engine effortlessly. Check out the Lakewood Engine Lift Plate.

The Lakewood Engine Lift Plate is made from heavy-gauge steel plates that assure you of superior strength and durability to let you move that massive engine out. And since this lift plate is designed to handle that kind of weight, you can be sure that your engine won't dislodge or fall off while it's being lifted. With its accurately spaced bolt holes, this lift plate can be securely bolted to the engine block. To keep the engine balanced so it won't rock back and forth while you're removing or installing it, this engine lift plate comes with three locating positions on its handle. This feature also allows the plates to lift various weights safely and properly.

Aside from all its features, you can't go wrong with this engine lift plate simply because it's made by Lakewood Industries. This company is one of the leaders in manufacturing safety, performance, and suspension components in the automotive market. Its three decades worth of experience is a firm testament to the quality and reliability of its products like the Lakewood Engine Lift Plate. Lakewood products are suited for various driving applications. So whether your ride is made for the street or for the Monaco Grand Prix, a Lakewood product won't disappoint you.

You can easily get this engine lift plate from the store where online shopping is affordable and hassle-free—Parts Train. Here, you can purchase the Lakewood Engine Lift Plate at a price that won't break the bank. To get one, simply refer to our user-friendly online catalog. So instead of calling your friends up, get the Lakewood Engine Lift Plate now! After all, your buddies might not be too interested in lifting your heavy and massive engine anyway.