Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop & Accessories

Isn't it stressful to drive around worrying about your auto's undercarriage parts all the time, especially when you go over humps and road irregularities? If this continues until you already hear your drive shaft banging into road objects, you're really in for trouble. Don't wait for this shaft to eventually fall down. Get a Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop to hold it in place, away and safe from rocks, mud, and other unnecessary road elements that may scratch or even break it, causing your vehicle to flip when you drive at high speeds.

The Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop is a simple tubing made from durable and strong 0.25 thick zinc-plated steel, ensuring a firm hold on the shaft even when there's too much vibration. This component is an important part of high-speed vehicles, approved and even required by both the National Hot Rod Association and International Hot Rod Association. The package comes complete with installation hardware and instructions, so you can mount this loop on your own. Besides, being just a simple bolt-on part, there's no complicated mounting procedures involved.

To install the drive shaft loop, simply take off the old strap that holds the shaft and then disconnect the latter at the rear U-joint. Once done, the drive shaft loop is ready for installation. Simply slide the drive shaft a bit in the general direction of the transmission and then slide the loop into it. Reconnect the U-joint and arrange the loop in place of the old strap. When you're satisfied with its placement, you can then bolt it via the mounting hardware included. Once mounted, the Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop will not only hold and protect the drive shaft but also de-clutter the undercarriage area of your auto and maintain its neat appearance.

With its high quality and easy installation, there's no reason you shouldn't go for the Lakewood Drive Shaft Loop. Get it now from the auto parts provider that knows just what you need, Parts Train! No need to go through fruitless searches; just click on our catalog and pick your choice. As soon as you check out, rest assured that the part is on its way to your doorsteps.