Lakewood Dowel Pin & Accessories

Every car owner wants to keep his engine in tip-top shape. Don't you agree? To achieve this, one of the things you need to do is ensure the proper alignment of the crankshaft assembly. In this case, dowel pins are needed to do the job. The dowel pin is a small cylinder that establishes the proper alignment of the bellhousing to the engine crankshaft, preventing them from swaying back and forth. Stock dowel pins keep the bellhousing and the crankshaft in proper alignment, but stock parts tend to wear out faster than their performance counterparts. So if you're ever in the market for a replacement or an upgrade, don't settle for those sub par dowel pins. Get the Lakewood Dowel Pin!

This dowel pin is made from sturdy materials to ensure superior strength and durability. It comes with a slip-design that allows it to easily fit into your engine block. No drilling or tapping is required during installation; all you need is a wrench, and you're all set. The Lakewood Dowel Pin assures you that your bellhousing will be properly aligned to the crankshaft center line. As a result, your engine won't be wasting that much power whenever you engage the clutch. So when you think about it, it also improves your car's fuel economy. Now that's a good bargain!

If you still aren't convinced, you should know that this dowel pin is manufactured by one of the leading companies in safety, performance, and suspension products—Lakewood Industries. For over three decades, this brand has been providing topnotch products to all auto enthusiasts and go-fast fanatics across the United States. Just like the Lakewood Dowel Pin, all Lakewood products undergo rigorous product testing to meet and exceed the industry's highest standards of quality. So whenever you go for Lakewood products, you know you can't go wrong.

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