Lakewood Control Arm & Accessories

For auto enthusiasts and car makers, installing a superb suspension system is always a priority. After all, it's considered as the backbone of your automobile. It serves different functions that are helpful in ensuring your safety while driving. Without it, your car may literally shake itself into pieces. An integral part of the suspension system is the control arm, which manages the motion of the wheels according to the vehicle's body. Once this component starts to act up, the whole function of the suspension system is jeopardized. Obviously, you don't want that to happen, so make sure to junk that busted control arm for the Lakewood Control Arm.

This heavy-duty control arm is manufactured from heavy gauge square steel outfitted with a powder-coated black finish. Instead of factory soft rubber bushings, the Lakewood Control Arm uses polyurethane bushings for better stability; thus eliminating flex and providing better stability. In terms of this item's installation, you have nothing to worry about. This control arm can be easily bolted to the stock mounting location using stock hardware. It also comes with a pair of grease fittings and detailed instructions to guide you through.

When it comes to topnotch safety and suspension products, very few makers can match the quality and performance of Lakewood products. For over three decades, the company has been providing innovation and safety to drivers all throughout the United States. All its products, like the Lakewood Control Arm, are tried and tested to meet the industry's highest standards for quality and performance. So if you're looking for suspension products that won't disappoint, Lakewood is the brand you can trust.

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