Lakewood Clutch Shaft Dust Boot & Accessories

Clutch and dirt is to oil and water. You don't need to be an auto expert to know that your clutch and dirt don't work well together. A clutch covered in dirt will clog the clutch assembly. Eventually, this will prevent the clutch fluid from lubricating the clutch assembly—causing the transmission system to break down. To avoid this, you'll need a clutch shaft dust boot to help you out. But if you want to effectively keep dust off your clutch shaft, you shouldn't go for the first ones you see in the auto shop. You need a capable and dependable clutch shaft dust boot—the Lakewood Clutch Shaft Dust Boot.

The Lakewood Clutch Shaft Dust Boot is a soft and pliable rubber tube that is installed in your clutch shaft to keep all those dust problems in check. Aside from preventing dust from entering your clutch, it also protects the clutch from other chemicals such as oil, coolants, and other contaminants. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is made to coast through the highway or speed around the oval track because the Lakewood Clutch Dust Boot is designed for both applications.

In terms of vehicle fit, you have nothing to worry about. The Lakewood Clutch Shaft Dust Boot is made to fit standard clutch shaft sizes without the hassles of technical installations. To install, you simply have to bolt this clutch shaft dust boot on the firewall where the clutch rod passes. After that, just a few tweaks and adjustments then you're practically done. This eliminates the need for those expensive drilling and machining jobs. How's that for a bargain?

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