Lakewood Clutch Pivot & Accessories

Installing a new clutch isn't as easy as it sounds. It's usually a long and painful process. The best way to do the job without any hang-ups is to use a Lakewood Clutch Pivot. This product is what you need if you want your clutch to function at its best. The great thing is you no longer have to settle for mediocre products on the market because this one answers all your needs.

The Lakewood Clutch Pivot is 2.317 inches long and specially designed to allow additional movement to the clutch fork. Because of this added maneuverability, your ride will have fewer problems and you'll enjoy driving a lot more. If that's not enough to convince you, this clutch pivot from Lakewood is made from tough and specially coated steel that won't rust nor break, no matter the condition. Aside from that, this clutch pivot is easy to install and comes with a 90-day warranty from Lakewood. Other than that, you can use this product with superior-quality bell housings, and it is well-suited for various automobiles like SUVs, trucks, and even passenger cars.

When it comes to drivetrain components, very few names can compete with Lakewood. This company is all about moving forward, and that means it continues to get better year in and year out. Lakewood stresses high quality and product innovation more than anything else, and the company has produced revolutionary top-of-the-line performance equipment throughout its rich 25-year history. Each of Lakewood's safety and suspension equipment is designed with precision and intended for maximum durability to be able to serve high-performance applications for a long time.

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