Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate & Accessories

Life is never complete without the simple ingredients that make major events more meaningful. Similarly, your vehicle will not be complete without the simple components that support its performance parts. The transmission, for instance, will not be a transmission without a good bellhousing. The bellhousing, on the other hand, will never be complete without a durable Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate in place.

The bellhousing, also called a clutch housing or a torque converter housing, contains the clutch assembly and, in some autos, the starter motor as well. In front-wheel drive vehicles with transverse-mounted engine, it serves as a simple flywheel cover. In other automobiles, it offers protection against instances of clutch or transmission explosion. In both bellhousing functions, a Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate is a must.

The bellhousing block plate is designed for optimum block protection and is required in track vehicles by most racing associations. It must also be a standard component in an auto to meet the safety requirements of the SEMA Foundation Incorporated (SFI). Aside from this, the block plate shields the clutch and flywheel from road debris, giving them protection against damage. The Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate is crafted from durable steel, ready with pre-drilled holes and comes with bolts for mounting into the bellhousing. With the complete hardware included in every pack, you can do the installation by yourself. However, if you doubt your skills, you can always get the help of your trusted technician.

Crafted with Lakewood's more than three decades of experience on transmission systems and parts, this block plate is the perfect partner of your auto's bellhousing to ensure your protection and that of your transmission's working parts. And in its continued commitment to high-quality products, Lakewood even includes a limited 90-day warranty with each block plate. So, find a Lakewood Bellhousing Block Plate now! To ensure that you get an authentic plate, go for Parts Train. We guarantee direct-sourced products for your auto, so rest assured that you get the worth of your hard-earned money. Plus, adding Parts Train to your bookmarks will make your future search for replacement auto parts easy and convenient.