Lakewood Car Parts & Accessories

There are lots of trusted car parts providers and Lakewood is one of those. For more than 25 years, Lakewood has been the leader in manufacturing safety and suspension products. For maximum strength and safety, the Lakewood bellhousings are hydro-formed and have more specific applications than its competitors. Basically the brand's line of products includes traction bars, u-joints, engine stands, driveshaft safety loops and a lot more.

These days, the Lakewood Company is offering adjustable control arm which are designed for the 05/06 Mustang. The control arm is meticulously engineered to minimize wheel-pop as well as to help keep the tires planted firmly to the ground, while being fully adjustable on the car. Such upgrade is recommended for those who want to put the power to the pavement. Because it is built with high strength tool steel, the control arm does handle all the horsepower and torque that adjust easily for fast and easy pinion angle adjustments to set up your suspension.

New to the line of Lakewood products, the control arm features an attractive black powder-coated finish for rust and corrosion assistance. Also, its grease fitting is easy to reach to keep the control arm lubricated in order to perform smoothly or at its best. And because of the polyurethane bushings that absorb shock, the control arm also lessens road noise and vibration, although remain stiff enough for racing.

The Lakewood's set of bolt-on control arm features a boxed tube construction for high strength and employs axle torque to your chassis. As an effect, the opposite reaction plants the tires harder into the pavement better traction and for eliminating wheel hop. By decreasing the body roll, this type of control arm improves road handling. Another good thing with Lakewood control arms is that, they are all street legal.